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Grundfos AP12 : Permanent Installation or Portable Use

Grundfos AP12 : Permanent Installation or Portable Use ?

ap12 grundfos otomatis pompa celup Grundfos AP12 : Permanent Installation or Portable UseThe AP12 pumps are designed for the slightly more demanding domestic drainage jobs. The pump fits into narrow drainage pits, and the use of stainless steel makes the pumps virtually maintenance free. The strainer, which will allow solids up to 12 mm to pass, can be dismantled for cleaning without the use of special tools.

The AP12 pumps are suitable for the following applications :

- Groundwater lowering

- Pumping from drainage pits

- Pumping from surface water pits with inflow from roof gutters, shafts, tunnels etc

- Emptying of ponds, tanks etc


ap grundfos instalasi 128x102 Grundfos AP12 : Permanent Installation or Portable UseThe AP12 pumps are available for manual or automatic operation. For manual on/off operation, the pump is supplied without a float switch.

For automatic operation, the pump can be supplied with a built-in float switch ( single - phase models).
Three-phase models can be supplied with built a separate float switch and control box. For two-pump installation the LCD control panels are available as accessories.

Pump fitted with float switches can also be used for manual on/off operation if the float switch is fixed in an upwards-pointing position.

The pumps can be used in a vertical, horizontal or tilted position, as long as the discharge port remains the uppermost part of the pump.

ap grundfos contoh aplikasi Grundfos AP12 : Permanent Installation or Portable Use

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